Tools and products for bending and end forming tube and pipe

Comprehensive range of services in the development, design and manufacture of tools, including customer support and advice


Space & Aircraft industry

Our supplies to aircraft and space industry represent the best referencies for our top quality tools. We often solve design of the tools for very difficult bending of such an exotic materials as inconel, titanium and their different alloys.

Automotive industry

The biggest customers we have are the companies supplying their products to the automotive industry, especially companies manufacturing the exhausting systems for cars, utility cars and lorries. We also supply tools for bending of hydroformed parts and aircondition tubes.

Ship-building industry

Ship-building sector needs mostly tube bending of big diameter tubes made on special bending machines. OMNI-X cooperates with world leader producer of these special machines.

Energetic industry

The most often products for energetics are tools for heat changers. We supply bending tools also to the companies providing the exchangers to the atomic power stations.

Heating & Cooling

At the present time we produce tools mainly for aircondition manufacturers and companies making different elbow-pipes. In spite of the fact bending is very attractive for heating industry, high price of bending machines and tools signifies it is not too expanded for the small scale productions. The reason is too weak standardization in Czech republic and EU.


Furniture industry is another very important industry preffering bending in face of welding. The reasons are slower production and inconsideration to the working environment and workers health represented by using welding. Different shaped tubes are bent.