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Tube bending tools

To ensure you always get a good bend it's vital to choose and then correctly use the correct set of tools for the job.
The right choice leads to high accuracy bending and avoids major problems or defects.
Using bad or unsuitable tools will lead to defects and problems which could end up have an effect on the funcationality of the bending parts.


The best way to avoid unpleasant complications is to choose buy the tools as part of a set, buying them individually can lead to problems.


When choosing tools it's necessary to consider the applications for the tools.
For example for bending strong-walled tubes around a large radius you can use standard tools with no modifications.
On the other hand if you need to bend thin-walled tubes around a very small radius for the aeronautical industry, you will need precise tools, which have special modifications like INTERLOCK or LIP, you can find more info about this in the Bending Guide.


Bend die

Matrice - Bend dies
Matrice - Bend dies

The Bend Die is a tool, a mold, which allows tubes to be bent around it and defines the results shape of the bent tubes.

The choice of Bend Die depends on the parameters of the bent tube (OD, CLR, DBB, DOB) and on the bending machine.

Different types of Bend Die include: Spool, One Piece, Partial Platform, Full Platform, Platform.

Clamp die

Přítlačná čelist - Clamp Die
Přítlačná čelist - Clamp Die

The role of the Clamp Die is to create the pressure between the tube and the clamping part of the Die and hold the tube firmly during the bend.

A solid grip on the tube is necessary for successful bending, any slippage of the tube will have a significant effect on the quality of the bend.
The Clamp Die always has the same length and the same surface finish as the clamping part of the die.
There are many ways of fixing the Clamp Die to the machine and it depends on the equipment used. One frequent way is using a T-nut (T-nut).

Pressure die

Přítlačná lišta - Pressure Die
Přítlačná lišta - Pressure Die

The Pressure Die maintains a constant pressure between the tube and the die throughout the bend.

The size of the groove will depend upon the outside diameter (OD) and the center line radius (CLR) the maximum degree of bend (DOB).. Most machines use a Pressure Die which moves with the tube in the direction of the bend and thus provides the best support. For older machines, you can still see stationary Pressure Dies, sometimes with several rotation valves located in a row.
Just as with the Clamp Die we see the same variety of parameters with the pressure die depending on the equipment used. One of the most common methods of clamping is a exchange Pressure Clamp with brackets and a wiper die.


Trny - Mandrels
Trny - Mandrels

Stabilisation mandrels are used as internal support for tube bending and their purpose is to mitigate defects such as flattening or crinkling of the inner radius of the bent tube.

In terms of the resultant bend, the choice of the correct mandrel is absolutely necessary. Indeed, the choice of the type mandrel and a possible number bends depends mainly on the outer diameter pipe (OD), wall thickness (WT) and bending radius (CLR), Another important factor for correct operation is the setting of the mandrel itself.

Wiper dies

Vyhlazovače - Wiper Dies
Vyhlazovače - Wiper Dies

The function of the Wiper Die lies in it's ability to mitigate crinkling on the inner radius of the tube bend and it is used primarily in tubes with relatively thin walls and smaller bend radii.

Due to the ever-growing requirements for shapes and especially with thinner and thinner walls, the wiper die is regularly used in almost all bending kits.
Just as with mandrels, the materials used in the production of the Wiper Die is very important (usually the same material as the mandrel and the wiper die) and also it's correct set-up.


Kleštiny - Collets
Kleštiny - Collets

A part of almost every bending kit is the Collet, which is used to strengthen and guide the tube during the bend.

In some cases the Collet is also part of the booster system, which is used on more complicated applications.