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Tube bending guide

Setting and adjustment tools

For setting and balancing the equipment it is necessary that the system tool - machine - tube is sufficiently tough and does not lead to vibrations and movement of tools from the optimal working position.
Also unbalanced or damaged tools can affect the production line increasing the risk of damage and reducing the longevity.

For the correct functioning of tools it is necessary to observe the following basic set-up procedure.

1. Before starting with the individual instruments, carefully clean individual connecting parts of the machine.
2. Set the clamp die and careful clean its surface.
3. Clean the surface of the clamp, set the height relative to the die and set the pressure.
4. Clean the surface of the pressure dies, set the height and set the pressure.
5. Mount the mandrel on the rod and set it properly (see. Setting mandrel).
6. Insert the tube, close the clamp die and pressure die. Position the wiper die, lightly push and set it about 1 degree from the tube. Wiper die, release tube and check distance to tip of wiper from the angle of the clamp die (see Setting wiper die).

The size of the pressure on the pressure die and the pressure clamp should always be as smallas possible, if it's too big it will cause more wear and tear and stress on all tools and has an undesireable effect on the bending machine itself.